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Posted by on Jun 20, 2018 in Our Services | 0 comments

Escort And Her Well-Endowed Client

Escort And Her Well-Endowed Client

Amanda had been an escort for a few years and had quite a bit of experience. She had been with all different types of men. Then last week she met this client that was a local college student. He hired her for the night and invited her back to his apartment. Things went fast, and before she realized it, they were on the bed. She could feel his smooth touches and massages that made her go ‘crazy” about it all.

His soft hands were all over her body, and she could feel her panties become dripping wet! He rubbed his hairy chest on her breast and deep kissed her lips in a unique way that made her nearly lose all of her control. Though clients often want foreplay done to them, he wanted to lick on her wet pussy. And when he finally pulled out his erect cock Amanda was happily surprised at the size of his manhood. She would never have guessed he was packing all that. She felt hesitant spreading her legs for him, but the foreplay worked. She felt him slowly penetrating into her. It was just amazingly sweet! She could feel him filling every corner of her vagina with his huge cock.

He kept on switching positions, from spooning to doggy style; then from standing to having her on top and again and again he repeated the circle. She could feel his heart beat rhythmically with the penetration speed. At some point, she felt like getting the whole of him deep inside me. His penis pulsed inside her tight pussy and she felt it all. It was both pleasure and pain because of the size of his cock.

She knew he was enjoying it too. She rode him and kept her legs close to him to ensure he experienced the sweetest penetration. His penis stayed stronger and more penetrative when she increased the speed and made him feel it much more. She orgasmed over and over again as his huge cock punished her wet honey pot.

After hours of sexual pleasure she was beyond satisfied. No client had ever made her feel this way before. She decided to offer him a nice discount on her escort services because of the amazing time he had provided for her. She hoped that he would hire her more often in the future, and he promised that he would always request her in the future.

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